Expect more from SeaChange

No Substitutions: With every engagement, you’ll work directly SeaChange founder and chief change agent Sally Lane Smith as your primary contact. Skilled in marketing strategy, analysis, brand development and the use of diverse media, Sally brings nearly 20 years of solid experience to every assignment. Having worked directly with clients like General Motors and Network Health, she has developed successful marketing strategies for a range of major brands and campaigns, helping to launch products from complex subsidized health care plans to race cars.

No Assumptions: In shaping your marketing strategy, we never second-guess at SeaChange. Instead, we apply professional-strength research and analysis to understand your business and its environment. Only then do we begin to plan and realign your marketing efforts with current business best practices. Through this process, we can test and learn new approaches to discover what works best for your company, your industry, and most importantly, your clients.

No Attitude: At SeaChange, we have a reputation for honest collaboration with you and your stakeholders from day one. We work closely with content experts to develop effective marketing solutions that truly reflect your brand. We also actively seek out productive partnerships with your existing vendors and other associates. Our focus is on the larger goal—working together to build a successful marketing strategy and plan that delivers results.