Giving Sales Tools a Sharper Edge

The Days Cove Reclamation Company of Annapolis and White Marsh (MD) needed to sharpen their Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) – a key sales tool used in their industry’s bidding process. Days Cove wanted to update the content to reflect their more recent innovative recycling techniques and completed projects, while projecting a fresh image in a competitive marketplace. As the principal of SeaChange, Sally Lane Smith got her boots on to tour the recycling and reclamation facility, working with the Days Cove team to gain a deeper understanding of their business, competitors, audience and their objectives. The result? A refreshed, tightly targeted SOQ that reflects the innovative practices and distinctive approach Days Cove brings to municipalities and private industry.

“In our recent experience working to revise our Statement of Qualifications for Days Cove Reclamation Company, we found SeaChange to take a very professional approach to learning what services the company provided and the typical needs of our customers.  After getting intellectually engaged, they proceeded to interview each of our top management personnel, identified information with pictures worth including in the document, and prepared a thorough presentation available electronically or printed.  They were a joy to work with and we had fun preparing a product we are proud of and it presents our company well.”
-Ken Binnix, Days Cove Reclamation Co.